Customer Service and Support

We offer the following free support:

Customer Service and Support for our Merchant Clients

Should you require any customer support on our payment service offering, either as a new or as an existing merchant client of ours, then feel free to contact us here.

Serving your needs as a customer is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to providing efficient and effective customer service.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have or to explain any aspect of our services.

Technical and Integration Support to our Merchant Clients

We understand that operating an online business as a merchant means there are many aspects to consider and put in place to ensure your success and profits. You are not expected to be highly technically proficient in order to accept payments from your website.

Our technical department is available to help you with any issues that you may face. Configuration and Integration of your existing shopping cart into our gateway is just one way in which we can help you.

Feel free to contact our technical support desk here.

Customer Support for our Buyers

As a buyer using our payment platform, we are here to assist with any issues you may have regarding your payment for goods or services from any of our merchants. Our focused team are available to handle any queries concerning the payment transaction including charges to your credit card, refunds and disputes.

Please contact us here in this regard.

Note that as a buyer you will receive an email acknowledegment of your purchase along with the transaction information. Included will be a link to your secure orders page where you may for instance cancel a subscription or update your email address.

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