00Pay Merchant Services Features List

The following lists some of the features that our payments service has to offer you. Click a link for more info.


Choice of Payment Methods

Accept payments from global customers. The following are payment methods which your customers can use to pay:

Credit and debit cards
3D Secure payments
Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

DirectPay (EU)

Bank Wire Transfer (Worldwide)

DirectPay is supported by 36 countries within Europe (700 million online consumers), meaning that your European customers can choose to pay you this way. No credit card is required. No customer chargebacks can occur with this method.

Wire Transfer is a similar payment method and is applicable to any bank account holder in the world.
Bank Check (US Customers only)
Multi-currency Billing
Local Billing Pure billing in the following four currencies are offered. Customers can choose to pay in any of these four currencies and will be charged exactly the amount shown on the checkout page. No currency conversion is used.

U.S. Dollars USD ($)

Euro EUR ()

Great Britain Pounds GBP (£)

Japanese Yen JPY (¥)

Separate Sub-Accounts for each currency For merchant account holders, funds are automatically handled in a separate sub-account for each of the four currencies.
Configurable Payout Currency When you withdraw funds then each of the four currency accounts are consildated into one single account and currency. The merchant would decide which of the four currencies they would like to setup for their payout account.
Flexible Solution

Shopping Cart Plugins

We support the following shopping cart plugins: osCommerce, ZenCart and Joomla VirtueMart.

aMember Plugin

Our system can be used in conjunction with the award-winning membership and subscription software aMember. Our payment module for aMember is freely available to all Merchants who want to use aMember system to manage their paid-membership areas.

More information about aMember can be found at www.amember.com.

Recurring Billing and Subscriptions

The following memberships types are supported:
  • Non-Recurring
  • Trial
  • Subscription (recurring)
Sophisticated Anti-Fraud
Fraud Protection Fraud can be a big problem for online merchants, unless they are protected against it.
Comprehensive Fraud Detection Secure, robust and comprehensive fraud detection is included as part of our service offering. It has been developed over years by expert industry professionals. Combining leading-edge algorithms with historical transaction data, the system's database continually learns through experience and identifies subtle patterns in buying habits and characteristics of online fraud perpetrators, enabling our and/or our partner's risk management team to make more reliable decisions.
Verification Methods A multifaceted set of online verification methods are used to equip merchants with the necessary protection required in card-not-present (CNP) transactions. Some of our methods include:
  • Behavior analysis
  • CVV2
  • Geo-location checks
  • Cross checking of customer bank country versus IP
  • Forbidden / High risk countries
  • 3D Secure payments
  • Other confidential internal fraud scrubbing modules.

The Owners Control Panel provide various reports pertaining to your merchant account:

  • Password
  • Account balances (for each currency)
  • Identity (name, address, contact phone number)
  • Banking details (name, address, country, SWIFT code, account holder, account number / IBAN, routing number (if available)
Transaction List Tabulated list of all customer sales (including refunds and chargebacks)
Subscription Details Customer Information:
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Login
  • Password

State of Subscription:

  • Recurring billing activated ? (yes/no)
  • Date of next renewal
  • Subscription type for renewal
  • Cancel subscription button

History of Subscription:

  • Subscription description
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Amount
  • Refund link
Customer Search Search Criterion:
  • Email
  • Name
  • Login
  • Transaction ID
Withdraw Funds
  • Balances (per currency)
  • History

The Owners Control Panel provides an user interface so that you can directly manage all of the features of our payments platform.

Add Website/s One of the first things to do to set up your account is to add the details of one or more of your websites. The following shows you what information is required
  • Website URL
  • Site Category. You can choose from the following:
  • What do you want to sell?
    - Tangible products (e-shop with and without shopping cart are both supported) or
    - Intangible products (online content, services or memberships)
Add Products Each of your websites will have Products to sell. Our platform allows you to configure the following:
  • Label for each product (multi language support)
  • Price of product: Amount (per currency; automaic currency conversion is used to prefill each currency)
  • Product Type (Tangible Goods or Services or Trial or Non-Recurring or Subscription)
  • Access Duration in days
Product Duration Either of:
  • Products are subscriptions to a member zone (renewable or not)
  • Products have duration in days and we will handle expiration
  • Products have duration where you will handle expiration
  • Products do not have duration
Product Access Choose how your customers will access your products. This is applicable if you are selling Intangible products.
  • The URL for member access to your site
  • Whether to use authentication (login and password) or not
  • How your customer's login and password are generated
  • Turn-key User Access Management is available: we provide a password management system which can be used on your Apache or Microsoft Windows web server. You do not have to worry about which members have paid and should have access, if membership has expired or should be cancelled. Log-on access is entirely controlled in real-time by a script (Perl or PHP). We will automatically add and remove users as transactions are approved or declined by the customer's bank
Callback URL This is the URL of your script to receive and act on payment notifications and other types of notifications that we send to you (PayPal refers to this as Instant Payment Notifications - IPN, except ours is much simpler to use but has everything there!). For example when your customer makes a payment then we send you the full set of details about the payment (and details about the products).

If your site sells membership access then your script would also typically be used to keep your users access database up to date (add, delete or update user) when you receive a payment, or a chargeback or a refund etc.

The possible actions that will result in a call to your script are:

  • sale
  • rebill (a recurring payment has occured)
  • refund
  • chargeback
  • delete (user account or access has to be disabled)
  • cancel (a customer has cancelled a recurring billing subscription)
  • update (password of an user account or access has to be changed)
Notifications Notify you by email when any of the following occur:
  • Sale
  • Callback script errors
  • stop recurring billing
  • Chargeback on a previous transaction
  • Refund on a previous transaction
Customer Support Whenever a customer receives a notification from us related to your website, she will be given information to contact you. You can choose between Email address or URL to give to customers.
  • Customer Support Email
  • Customer Support URL
Refunds Send a refund to customers via the Owners Control Panel
Multi Language and Currency Support
Multi Language Language choice:
  • Easy-to-use interface for customers to make payment is presented in a choice of languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Hungarian).
  • Templates available for other languages
Automatic Detection Using our Geo IP modules, language and currency are automatically detected and applied to customers when they visit the payment form.

Quick Pre-Approval for Accepting Credit Cards on Your Website(s)

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